‘You need support in such times’ Babar explains why he backs Kohli

GALLE: Pakistan national team skipper Babar Azam has reiterated his backing of out-of-form Virat Kohli as he explained the motive for his tweet in the latter’s support.

Speaking to a pre-match press conference ahead of the Test series against Sri Lanka here on Friday, the skipper once again extended his support for Kohli claiming his rough patch in international cricket is just a temporary phase.

“Being a player myself, I am aware of the fact that you go through such a phase (out-of-form) and I also know what a player has to go through in such a phase. In such times, you need support. I just tweeted thinking that it will give him some support. He is one of the best players,” he said.

Kohli has been enduring a poor run with the bat and remains unable to bring up his 71st ton since his last century against Bangladesh in 2019. His recent dismal performances during India’s tour of England have sparked many concerns about his place in the Indian team.

Babar further expressed confidence in Kohli’s ability to break out of his slump believing that the support would prove crucial for him in getting out of his rough phase.

“He is playing a lot of cricket and he knows how to come out of these situations. It takes time, but if you back players, it will be really good,” he concluded.

Last night, the Pakistan captain expressed solidarity with the Indian batter through social media platforms.”This too shall pass. Stay strong,” Babar wrote while sharing a picture of him alongside Kohli.

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