‘Will decide about my career with family’ Amir after his defeat against Brook

MANCHESTER: British boxer Amir Khan revealed that he will now decide the future of his boxing career with his family after suffering a defeat against Kell Brook in a long-awaited bout.

Amir, who recently rubbished the rumours of his retirement plans, has announced that he will now make a decision about his career’s future with his family.

“I will now sit with my family and will make a decision about the future of my boxing career,” the star boxer said.

“I am a family-oriented person, I want to give time to my family. Also want to take my children to school,” he added.

Talking about his duel with Brook Amir acknowledged Brook’s preparations for the fight and blamed himself for the defeat.

“I think Brook prepared really well for this fight and the one who fought well won,” he said.

“I just can not justify this defeat. I think it’s me who should be blamed for this defeat. I could not perform well enough,” he added.

Amir went on to add that the star boxer remained unable to find his rhythm throughout the clash and Brook totally outclassed him.

Brook, on the other hand, termed the victory against Amir as a ‘long due’. The 35-years-also thinks that he will now be remembered for a long for this victory.

“I think it was a long due fight and I am glad I won it. I think people will now remember me for this victory,” he said.

Brook also showed respect towards Amir but said he seemed to be an easy opponent for him.

“Aamir seemed like an easy opponent to me, I had already defeated him in the first round,” Brook concluded.

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