Rashid Naseem adds a new world record of most nunchaku triangle strikes

KARACHI: The serial record-breaker Pakistani Martial Artist Rashid Naseem, who holds the record of registering most Guinness World Records for Pakistan, has added one more to his tally, here on Thursday.

Pakistani martial artist Rashid broke the record of his English counterpart Chirag Lukha for making the most nunchaku triangle strikes in a minute.

As per the previous record, English Master Lukha used his nunchaku to make 79 triangle strikes in one minute. Rashid, on the other hand, broke it by making 88 blows.

Following this, the martial artist has extended his tally of individual records to 78, while his father Mohammad Naseemuddin – who is the oldest record holder for Pakistan – has set two records.

Rashid holds the record for the most Guinness World Records in all categories of Nunchaku, with this being his 13th.

Guinness World Records accepted his record and sent a confirmation email while the details of the record have also been released on the website.

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