70-year-old Pakistani Naseemuddin receives two Guinness World Records

KARACHI: Guinness World Records conferred two certificates to 70-year-old Naseemuddin, who had earlier set the record for smashing the most apples in one minute and became the oldest Pakistani to set a World Record.

Naseemuddin, a Karachi-hailed welder, received the certificates from the Guinness World Records for setting two world records last year, here on Saturday.

Naseemuddin created history as he crushed 21 apples with his hand in one minute to break the previous record of 18 by England’s Donnie Baxter.

The Guinness World Records have shared the video of Naseemuddin’s feat on their official Youtube channel which has already gained 10 million views.

Guinness World Records accepted his record and sent a confirmation email while the details of the record have also been released on the website.

Speaking on the occasion, the 70-year-old expressed his joy over the feat as he claimed that he always wanted to make his country proud.

It is pertinent to mention here that Naseem is the father of Pakistani martial artist Mohammad Rashid who has so far registered 77 individual Guinness World Records. Rashid’s seven-year-old daughter Fatima Naseem is also Pakistan’s youngest Guinness World Record holder.

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