Pool World Cup: Switzerland edge past Japan in a hill-hill thriller

BRENTWOOD: The Swiss pair of Dimitri Jungo and Ronald Regli held their nerves calm to claim the hill-hill thriller against the team Japan of Naoyuki Oi and Masato Yoshioka 7-6 to advance into the second round of the ongoing World Cup of Pool.

In a modern-day classic, the Swiss pair displayed character and claimed a narrow 7-6 victory over Japan.

The Swiss duo of Jungo and Regli found themselves in trouble earlier in the game as the Japanese pair pulled ahead with a 2-0 lead, in no time.

The Japanese pair then made costly mistakes in the third rack and allowed the opposition to take advantage and got their first point.

Team Switzerland then completely dominated the next two frames and took the lead 3-2 for the first time in the thrilling contest.

The two sides then got involved in a see-saw battle and could not be separated even after 12 frames as they were levelled at hill-hill 6-6.


The Swiss pair then held their nerves calm in the final rack and excelled Switzerland in the Round 2 of the World Cup, where they will face Hungary for the quarter-final spot.

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