‘Planning to reduce fans’ problems to enter stadiums’ PCB chairman

Ramiz Raja

KARACHI: Ramiz Raja, Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) assured to plan easiest ways for fans to enter stadiums in the country for matches in the future. 

Ramiz, while responding to the question during a presser here on Wednesday, accepted the concerns of lower crowd turn-out at National Stadium during the Pakistan vs West Indies – T20I series.

“We are aware of the emotional feelings of fans when they face difficulties to enter stadiums. And, we are looking at it seriously. As a commentator, I have gone through all the difficulties while entering the stadium so I can feel for them,” Ramiz said.

“It’s one of our concerns and we have this in our plans to resolve it. As far as tickets purchase is concerned, we know the difficulties faced by fans. We are also planning to establish on-site ticket purchasing facilities,” he shared.

The PCB chairman also shared his plan to build fans’ engagement centers at a couple of venues in the country. “We have in process for the first time in history, fans engagement centers. This idea will help fans register their complaints regarding Pakistan cricket and also to enjoy the perks and facilities as the important stakeholder of the game,” he maintained.

Meanwhile, Ramiz also requested fans to exhibit tolerance a bit as in the end, it is all about the image of Pakistan cricket.

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