Pakistan bodybuilders return after successful run in Asian Championship

KARACHI: Pakistan bodybuilders received a warm reception from the fans upon their arrival in the country after bagging four medals including a gold in the recently-concluded Asian Bodybuilding Championship held at Maafushi, Maldives.

National bodybuilder – Shahzad Qureshi, who bagged a gold medal in the masterclass 80kg plus category by defeating an Indian opponent in the recently-concluded 54th Asian championship, received a warm welcome from the fans on their return to the country.

Besides Shahzad, Umar Shahzad and Arsalan Baig, who won a silver and bronze each, were too, highly praised by the citizens, who displayed their support for the bodybuilders by chanting the national slogans.

The fans presented the bodybuilders with flower garlands and also took photographs with them.

It is important to note that Pakistan finished with an overall eight positions in the 54th Asian Championship, indicating that the national bodybuilders had a successful run in the continental competition. In addition to the medal winners, four additional bodybuilders claimed positions in a variety of categories.

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