‘Virat Kohli has failed because of Ravi Shastri’ claims Rashid Latif

KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain Rashid Latif has accused the former Head coach of the Indian Cricket Team, Ravi Shastri for the downfall of India’s top batter Virat Kohli.

Rashid, in a video on his YouTube Channel ‘Caught Behind’ opined on the rough patch of the former Indian captain Kohli and blamed the former Indian coach Shastri for Kohli’s struggle for runs in recent times.

“It is because of him (Ravi Shastri) that this has happened. In 2019, you sidelined a player like Kumble and in came Ravi Shastri. Whether he had the accreditation or not, I have no idea. He was a broadcaster. Had no business in coaching,” Rashid said.

“Barring Virat Kohli, I am sure there would have been other people who played a role in getting Shastri in. But that is backfiring now, isn’t it? Had he (Shastri) not become the coach, he (Kohli) wouldn’t have gone out (of form),” he maintained.

It is pertinent to mention here that Kohli had reached the milestone of 70 international centuries and has batted more than 100 innings without scoring a century in more than two years. He scored his last century against Bangladesh in November 2019.

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