English snooker star sets world record

WALES: English cueist, Jimmy Robertson scored 178 points to set the record for the highest points scored in a single frame.

During the Scottish Open 2021 fixture, England’s Robertson outplayed Wales’ Lee Walker by handing him a humiliating defeat.

Robertson trapped Walker in fourth of the total seven frames by setting up a well-judged snooker that resulted in 44 points fouls.

Robertson then capitalized on the situation, scored an astonishing 133 points break
to thump his opposition in an emphatic fashion. He finished the frame with the score of 178-6.

Robertson’s 178 has broken the 22 year old record of Dominic Dale who racked up a mammoth 167 in a single frame.

With this record breaking effort, Robertson won the match by 4-1 and advanced into the top 32 of the tournament.

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