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Wrestlemania 40: Cody Rhodes finishes story, ends Roman Reigns’ historic title run

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PHILADEPHIA: The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes on Sunday, finally ‘finished his story’ by ending Roman Reigns’ historic world title run on Night 2 of the Wrestlemania 40.

Reigns had held the world title for an astounding 1,316 days, the third-longest title reign in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) history and the longest in the modern era.

His enthralling bout with Rhodes was the rematch of the Wrestlemania 39 main event but the outcome turned out different as the latter finally finished his story and became the first from his family to lift the WWE world title.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes went hard at each other and appeared inseparable in a Bloodline Rules match, meaning no holds barred.

The faction soon took advantage of the situation as Jimmy Uso burst onto the scene to aid his cousin Reigns, who was receiving end at that point.

But Jimmy’s interference was soon neutralized by his twin brother Jey Uso, who speared him off the stage and through to the table.

Rhodes continued to dominate and had Reigns locked in Cross Rhodes until Solo Sikoa interfered and took the former out with a Samoan Spike.

He then helped Reigns up on his feet and hit another Samoan Spike in combination with the spear from the champions.

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But the move was not enough to Rhodes down as he kicked out on two.

Soon, John Cena’s music hit and he marched down to the ring and took out Sikoa by delivering an Attitude Adjustment on the commentary table.

He entered the ring, presumably to help Rhodes but that was not the case as The Rock took him out with a Rock Bottom.

Then Seth Rollins tried to get The Rock in full Shield gear but Reigns intercepted him.

Cody Rhodes was then at the mercy of The Rock, who looked determined to decimate the challenger but The Undertaker’s gong rang and the deadman, after a brief blackout, was standing behind The Rock.

He delivered a ruthless chokeslam to eliminate The Rock from the equation before vanishing in his infamous style.

After all the interferences, it was all down to Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

Reigns looked to settle the score by delivering a spear but Rhodes countered and soon put him away with triple Cross Rhodes.

The enthralling climax of WWE’s flagship show Wrestlemania 40 earned massive applaud from the live audience as well as from their fans across the world.

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