“With International standard training, I can win more medals”, Inam Butt

GUJRANWALA: Pakistan’s commonwealth winning wrestler, Inam Butt, lamented the absence of international-level training facilities, while giving interview in the ARY News’ program Bouncer.

When asked about his future objectives, the wrestler stated that after winning all of the major titles, he hopes to win a medal at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

“The forthcoming Paris Olympics is my primary focus. I have two years to prepare for the qualifying rounds, so I will do everything I can to qualify and bring home a medal for my country,” he said.

Inam, Pakistan’s star wrestler, also stated that money is not his main priority; rather, he wants to take advantage of international level training in order to win more medals for his country.

“The most essential aspect is our international training; we compete for the country, and we are trained locally with limited resources, whereas our competitors have access to worldwide training.,” said Inam.

Inam also claimed that the assigned training space, provided by the Punjab Sports Board, is devoid of facilities, and that the wrestler improvised the training space with no help.

When it comes to mat-wrestling training, Inam says the mat provided by the sports board is insufficient for the amount of athletes who train here.

“The mat is usually for the training of eight to ten players, whereas, we have almost hundred players training here, ” he said.

Inam also extended his requests to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran, to provide the wrestler all the training facilities and to set up a wrestling academy.

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