‘We agreed to reschedule postponed ODI series in early June next year’ PCB’s COO

Pakistan vs West Indies

LAHORE: Salman Naseer, Chief Operating Officer of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), spoke to the media following the postponement of the Pakistan-West Indies ODI series.

While announcing the series’ postponement, Mr. Salman also revealed the revised timetable.

“Now the ODI series is being rescheduled for June 2022,” he said.

PCB COO, shared that the West Indian cricket board raised concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 among their players.

“The cricket board said that team strength has been weakened due to the widely spread virus,” he shared.

The COO also admitted that after the virus spread, things became much more difficult, and players were concerned as well.

Mr. Salman, also made clear that, there was no violation of the bio-secure bubble; shared that the touring players contracted the virus in Dubai.

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