‘Very successful for last two years’ Babar backs Pakistan T20I opening pair

KARACHI: Pakistan captain Babar Azam threw his weight behind the opening pair of Pakistan in T20Is and stated that the duo won many matches for Pakistan in the last two years.

Babar, while talking to the media here at National Stadium Karachi ahead of the historic home T20I series against England and responded to a question regarding the struggling opening pair by claiming the opening pair has been very successful in the last couple of years.

“Our opening partnership has been very successful for the last two years. Look, there are different situations and scenarios, what the team requires, and what are the conditions. So, it depends on the planning,” said Babar.

“So, in my opinion, the way our opening partnership had been in the last two-year period, helped our team and gave Pakistan many victories. So, the momentum our opening pair establish is later on continued by the middle-order,” he added.

Babar continued by saying that he was probably concerned about his form but said that he was content with the middle-order, denying that middle-order failures were the cause of the decline in his performance.

“I was concerned about my own performance but was happy for the middle-order as it performed and won us crucial matches in Asia Cup as well,” claimed Babar.

“The middle order is not a cause for concern, and since it is cricket, your graph will fluctuate up and down. Therefore, our goal is to support those that are underperforming,” he maintained.

In response to a question regarding overcoming the bad patch of his career, Babar stated that he always tries not to overthink in such circumstances and always try to believe in himself to come out of it.

“Look, in a rough patch, all you can do is to avoid overthinking and keep things simple. And the most important thing is to keep faith in yourself,” he shared.

“You’ve done it in the past and you’ll do it again. Sometimes you achieve something and sometimes you don’t. So, I always try to remember the positives I have done,” Babar added.

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