‘100 talented cricketers aged 11-16 will be looked after by PCB’ Ramiz Raja

KARACHI: Ramiz Raja, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s chairman, shared Pathway Junior Contract Program with journalists here in a press conference on Wednesday. 

“We will be selecting hundred talented young players to train them with supporting them financially. This will be done under our Pathway Junior Contract Program and players will get 30,000 PKR alongside 100% educational scholarship” Ramiz told reporters.

Ramiz also shared that the PCB is keen to introduce the ‘All Pakistan Talent Hunt Program’ soon.

While responding to a question regarding fewer matches for junior teams, Ramiz acknowledged it as a fact.

“Normally, A teams tour Pakistan in recompense, but the negative image of Pakistan prevents them from doing so. Because the development of our A-team is critical for Pakistan cricket, we include them when we discuss Pathway cricket,” he concluded.

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