Shajar storms into the Men’s 200m semi-finals in CWG 2022

BIRMINGHAM: National sprinter Shajar Abbas finished first in Heat 2 of the Round 1 Men’s 200m and qualified for the semi-finals of the competition.

Shajar, who had an unwanted end to his 100m medal expedition, shone in the 200m category as the sprinter amassed the finishing line in 21.12 seconds and marched further in the competition.

The national sprinter, fuelled with momentum stunned his six opponents in the race including Maldive’s Hassan Saaid, who clocked a season-best time.

Following this achievement, Shajar has become the first Pakistan athlete to qualify for the Athletics semi-final after 30 years.

Shajar’s qualification to the semi-finals has glimmered a ray of hope for a third medal for Pakistan thus far.

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