Shahid Afridi to remain the Brand Ambassador of Kashmir Premier League

KARACHI: Pakistan’s former captain Shahid Afridi decided to remain the Brand Ambassador for the second season of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL).

After a meeting with Chairman KPL Arshad Khan Tanoli and KPL President Arif Malik, the star all-rounder opted to stay on as the brand ambassador for the forthcoming second season.

“I will also be the brand ambassador in the second season of the league,” Afridi said.

Afridi also said that he will always remain determined for ‘Kashmir Cause’.

“I have a heartfelt relationship with Kashmir and the Kashmiri people, I will always strive for the cause of Kashmir and the rights of Kashmiris,” he added.

Afridi also congratulated Mr. Arshad and is hopeful that the league will be even more successful under his tenure.

Mr. Arshad also welcomed the decision and said Afridi’s involvement with the league will be beneficial.

“In Pakistan, Shahid Afridi is a major star. His involvement in the league is critical to achieving the league’s objectives,” he said.

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