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Rohit Sharma hesitant to pick toughest Pakistani bowler

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India’s all-format captain Rohit Sharma dodged a question regarding the toughest bowler in Pakistan’s arsenal currently in a bid to avoid controversy.

During a private event in the United States of America (USA), Sharma was asked to name the toughest bowler in the Pakistan team currently.

Sharma, however, ducked the question by stating that it would create a massive controversy.

“All the pacers in the Pakistan team are equally good. I will not pick any individual. It creates a big controversy,” he said.

He emphasized that naming an individual bowler would erroneously make others feel slighted and therefore chose to recognise the overall splendour of Pakistan’s fast bowling lineup.

“If I will take one player’s name, the second will feel bad. If I will take the second player’s name, then the third will feel bad. I think all of them are good,” he added.

It is worth mentioning here that in March 2016, Rohit Sharma called left-arm Pakistan pacer Mohammad Amir a “normal bowler” and asserted the hype around the latter was unjustified.

He then drew an indirect comparison between Amir and Jasprit Bumrah and instead called the latter a “rare talent”.

“Stop talking about him already,” Rohit said of Amir. “He isn’t the only bowler, Pakistan have five other bowlers who are doing well for them.

“There is just so much hype around him, I don’t think it is right to give him too much hype after one match. He is good but he needs to prove it over and over again. Now people are comparing him to Wasim Akram and all that. He is just a normal bowler, on that given day if he is good, he is good. It is not as if he turns up and blows everyone away.”

“Bumrah is already starting to make a mark. I would tell you that instead of talking about Amir you should talk about Bumrah. A rare talent like Bumrah … he is young and the way he has begun his career – he has a long way ahead no doubt – I think he will do something special for the country.

“He is an exception. He will come up with a surprise,” Rohit Sharma said. “Like I was standing in the slip the other night in the finals and I couldn’t make out what he is going to do. Even the captain doesn’t know.
“He has got a good yorker, he has got a good bouncer, a good slower one. He has got all what a modern day bowler needs. His action is like that when Malinga first came, and when I played him at the nets for the first time it was difficult. You don’t play such bowlers everyday – I know only two bowlers in the world – [Lasith] Malinga and Bumrah – who have such unique actions.”Rohit Sharma’s remarks about Mohammad Amir did not go well with the Pakistan fans, who lashed out at the Indian opener.

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