Ramiz Raja donates PKR one million for Thalassemia child patients

LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Ramiz Raja along with national cricketers Hassan Ali and Imam ul Haq urged people to make more blood donations to the children battling blood diseases while donating one million for the cause, here in a fundraising ceremony of a local NGO.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman PCB paid homage to the patients suffering from thalassemia, haemophilia, and other blood diseases, claiming that he wanted to build a positive image for PCB through participation in such welfare activities.

“Patients who are suffering from blood disease are facing a real challenge, their fight is praise-worthy,” he said. “We get to know about the importance of life after attending such events.”

“We are trying to build a positive for the Cricket Board and undertaking welfare initiatives,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Ramiz promised to bring more cricketers including the national skipper Babar Azam to such events in the future.

“I’ll bring Babar Azam and other cricketers with me next time,” he concluded.

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