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Pollard, Malik lead Karachi Kings to thrilling victory over Lahore Qalandars

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Kieron Pollard’s blistering half-century helped Karachi Kings edge past Qalandars in a thrilling Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 clash at Gaddafi Stadium on Saturday.

KK 176/8 (20 Overs)

19.5: Zips it quicker and cramped him for room, Hasan Ali hits it down the ground and doesn’t get under it, Haris Rauf didn’t lose the ball, that is an unbelievable catch!

Ahsan Hafeez to bowl the last over

KK 165/7 (19 Overs)

18.2: Zaman nails a perfect yorker and rearranges stumps! Got it right in the blockhole and under the bat, smashing into the middle stump.

Zaman Khan to bowl the penultimate over

KK 157/6 (18 Overs)

Shaheen Afridi to bowl his last over

KK 148/6 (17 Overs)

16.4: Good length, angling in at middle and off, Malik swings big but doesn’t control his bat and Shaheen Afridi at long-off takes a stupendous diving catch.

Haris Rauf to bowl his last over

KK 139/5 (16 Overs)

15.5: Pollard has miscued a skier, Rassie van der Dussen charged in from the deep at cover and lunged forward to take a sprawling catch.

Shaheen Afridi returns to the attack

KK 129/4 (15 Overs)

Jahandad Khan to bowl his third

KK 109/4 (14 Overs)

Haris Rauf to bowl

KK 101/4 (13 Overs)

Jahandad Khan continues

KK 91/4 (12 Overs)

Zaman Khan is back to the attack

KK 86/4 (11 Overs)

Jahandad Khan replaces Linde

KK 79/4 (10 Overs)

Haris Rauf continues to bowl

KK 72/4 (9 Overs)

Linde continues

KK 60/4 (8 Overs)

Haris Rauf to bowl his first over

KK 57/4 (7 Overs)

Linde to bowl from the other end

KK 44/4 (6 Overs)

Zaman Khan returns to the attack

KK 34/3 (5 Overs)

4.1: Bowled on a full length and whooshing away in the channel, Akhlaq throws his bat at it and nicks it through to the keeper.

Jahandad Khan replaces Shaheen Afridi

KK 27/2 (4 Overs)

3.4: Good length delivery that curls away, Vince stepped away to the on side and exposed all his stumps in an attempt to thwack a cut but ended up making a mess of his stumps.

Ahsan Hafeez comes into the attack

KK 19/1 (3 Overs)

2.5: Akhlaq patted to short cover where Sahibzada Farhan intercepted the ball quickly and clattered the stumps with a direct hit at the non-striker’s end, Shan Masood had no chance to get back.

Shaheen Afridi continues

KK 9/0 (2 Overs)

Zaman Khan to bowl from the other end

KK 7/0 (1 Over)

Shan Masood and Muhammad Akhlaq come out to open for the Qalandars. Shaheen Afridi to bowl the first over.


LAHORE: Sahibzada Farhan scored a gritty half-century to help Lahore Qalandars post 175-6 against Karachi Kings after a shaky start in the 10th match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 here at Gaddafi Stadium on Saturday.

LQ 175/6 (20 Overs)

Sams to bowl the final over

LQ 157/6 (19 Overs)

Hasan bowls the penultimate over

LQ 151/6 (18 Overs)

Mir Hamza comes back

LQ 136/6 (17 Overs)

Sams returns to the attack

LQ 123/6 (16 Overs)

15.4: Short of a length, whizzing away in the channel, sways away in a bid to steer it over deep third but hasn’t cleared the man, an easy catch for Shamsi.

Hasan replaces Nawaz

LQ 114/5 (15 Overs)

14.6: Flighted delivery on a fuller length, slow through the air and he pumps him downtown, got the elevation but not enough distance, Malik hangs on to a good catch at long-on.

Shamsi returns to bowl his last

LQ 98/4 (14 Overs)

Nawaz comes back

LQ 93/4 (13 Overs)

12.3: Bangs it on short of a length at a teasing off stump line, tries to smash him down the ground and almost clears the rope, Pollard instinctively flicks out his right hand and surprisingly the ball sticks in, he flicked the ball in the air before going over the rope, then came back inside the rope and completed a wonderful catch.

Hamza comes back into the attack

LQ 85/3 (12 Overs)

Sams replaces Hasan

LQ 71/3 (11 Overs)

Shamsi bowls his third

LQ 59/3 (10 Overs)

9.4: Hasan pulled his length back at it holds its line on off, the ball sticks in the surface, and Ahsan lofts him down the ground but hasn’t timed it that well, Pollard snaffled that.

Hasan replaces Nawaz

LQ 52/2 (9 Overs)

8.1: Shamsi looped up fuller, wicket-to-wicket stuff, gave more flight and it kept low, hitting his back leg, beating his slog sweep, the umpire raised the dreaded finger.

Shamsi continues

LQ 45/1 (8 Overs)

Nawaz replaces Sams

LQ 39/1 (7 Overs)

Tabraiz Shamsi comes into the attack

LQ 32/1 (6 Overs)

Daniel Sams comes into the attack

LQ 25/1 (5 Overs)

Hasan Ali joins the attack

LQ 18/1 (4 Overs)

Mohammad Nawaz comes into the attack

LQ 12/1 (3 Overs)

2.1: Fakhar Zaman sent the ball miles into the night sky and hasn’t middled it at all, Mir Hamza strangles him with a hard-length delivery right at his body. Shan Masood hangs onto the catch brilliantly somewhere between long-on and mid-wicket.

Mir Hamza continues

LQ 9/0 (2 Overs)

Shoaib Malik to bowl from the other end

LQ 5/0 (1 Over)

Fakhar Zaman and Sahibzada Farhan come out to open for the Qalandars. Mir Hamza to bowl the first over.


LAHORE: Karachi Kings have won the toss and elected to field first against Lahore Qalandars in the tenth match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 here at Gaddafi Stadium on Saturday.


Lahore Qalandars: Fakhar Zaman, Sahibzada Farhan, Rassie van der Dussen, Shai Hope (wk), Sikandar Raza, George Linde, Ahsan Hafeez Bhatti, Jahandad Khan, Shaheen Afridi (c), Haris Rauf, Zaman Khan.

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Karachi Kings: Shan Masood (c), Mohammad Akhlaq (wk), James Vince, Shoaib Malik, Kieron Pollard, Mohammad Nawaz, Irfan Khan Niazi, Daniel Sams, Hasan Ali, Mir Hamza, Tabraiz Shamsi.


Matches 17, Karachi Kings 11, Lahore Qalandars 6

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