PCB Election Commissioner clarifies clubs’ voting criteria in DCA elections

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board Election Commissioner, Ahmed Shehzad Farooq Rana, on Wednesday explained the voters’ lists issued by the PCB for the upcoming elections in around 55 District Cricket Associations relate specifically to the clubs with voting rights under the PCB Constitution 2014.

Advocate Rana also clarified inactive clubs under the PCB Constitution 2014 or registered with the PCB post-August 2019 will retain playing rights and will be eligible to participate in tournaments organised by the PCB/District/Zonal Cricket Associations.

Mr Rana reiterated voters’ lists have been prepared on the available data with the PCB pre-August 2019 and all clubs with voting rights have the opportunity to highlight any errors or omissions by writing to the PCB at [email protected] with documentary evidence.

On the arbitrary delimitation of the regions, Mr Rana said the Election Commission will work within the parameters set under the PCB Constitution 2014.

“It is our endeavour to conduct free and fair elections. As such, there is an opportunity for all clubs with voting rights to raise their objections or concerns on the voters list with the PCB before the end of the week so that bogus clubs can be eliminated and we can enter the election process with genuine clubs.” he was quoted as saying in a statement issued by the PCB.

“Clubs with playing rights and registered with the PCB pre- or post-August 2019 need not to worry as they remain eligible to play in events organised by the PCB or its affiliated units,” he added.