PCB signs agreement with Punjab govt for grass-root cricket promotion

LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has reached an agreement with the Government of Punjab in a bid to promote the grassroots level of cricket in the province.

Following the agreement, the cricket board will now acquire administrative control of 15 cricket grounds in the province.

As a result, the cricket board extended its gratitude to the provincial government for their cooperation.

“We are grateful to the Punjab Government for their cooperation. The PCB is committed to promoting cricket across the country in collaboration with the local government,” the statement read.

“The successful organisation of the Pakistan West Indies Series is a new illustration of the close bond between the Punjab Government and the PCB,” it added.


It is important to note that the meeting was attended by the CEO of the PCB, Faisal Hasnain, as well as representatives from the cricket board and the Punjab government.

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