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Bowlers, Rizwan steer Pakistan to dominant win over New Zealand

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RAWALPINDI: A combined bowling effort by Pakistan bowlers, followed by Mohammad Rizwan’s composed innings crushed New Zealand by seven wickets in the second T20I of the five-match series here at Pindi Cricket Stadium on Saturday.

PAK 92/3 (12.1 Overs)

Cole McConchie replaces Sears

PAK 88/3 (12 Overs)

Sodhi to bowl his third

PAK 85/3 (11 Overs)

Sear continues

PAK 79/3 (10 Overs)

Sodhi continues

PAK 68/3 (9 Overs)

Sears returns to the attack

PAK 60/3 (8 Overs)

7.1: Sodhi lures Usman with the bait and he bites it. Usman was looking to go downtown and got beaten by the searing wrong’un.

Ish Sodhi replaces Duffy

PAK 56/2 (7 Overs)

Bracewell continues to bowl

PAK 48/2 (6 Overs)

Jacob Duffy returns

PAK 41/2 (5 Overs)

4.5: Babar skips down the track and plays down the wrong line, gets stumped. It was a half-tracker outside off at a quicker pace. Babar Azam premeditated and was adamant on coming down to plonk him in the V but got beaten comprehensively.

Michael Bracewell replaces Lister

PAK 30/1 (4 Overs)

Ben Sears comes onto the bowl

PAK 13/1 (3 Overs)

Lister continues

PAK 12/1 (2 Overs)

Jacob Duffy to bowl the second over

PAK 8/1 (1 Over)

0.2: Back of a length awkward zone straightening at the middle, Saim tries to clip it away off his hip and ends up getting a leading edge to Lister who takes a well-judged diving catch

Saim Ayub and Babar Azam came out to open the innings for Pakistan. Ben Lister to bowl the first over.


A combined bowling effort by Pakistan bowlers bundled a helpless New Zealand side for a meagre 90 in the second T20I of the five-match series here at Pindi Cricket Stadium on Saturday.

NZ 90 (18.1 Overs)

18.1: Shaheen Afridi wrecked the stumps! Round the wicket angle, spears in a magnificent yorker, angled in lulling him into a false sense of security before moving it away and demolishing him with a searing yorker.

NZ 90/9 (18 Overs)

17.4: Good length on sixth stump line, tries to go up and over mid-off but Ben Sears can’t control his bat swing and mistimed it to Babar who pockets with tremendous ease.

Naseem Shah to bowl his last over

NZ 84/8 (17 Overs)

Amir returns

NZ 79/8 (16 Overs)

15.6: Shadab saw Sodhi advancing and pulled his length further back. The ball hits his thigh pad and misses it completely. No spike on the ultraedge as the ball passes the bat, pitching in line, impact in line and hitting low at middle.

Shadab Khan changes end

NZ 76/7 (15 Overs)

14.5: That’s a stunning yorker and a difficult angle to negotiate with. The seam was upright and landed in that blockhole, with brilliant accuracy.

Shaheen Afridi returns

NZ 73/6 (14 Overs)

Naseem Shah returns to the attack

NZ 65/6 (13 Overs)

Abrar Ahmed to bowl his last

NZ 65/6 (12 Overs)

Shadab Khan flummoxes Bracewell with a quicker one on a short length at the middle, he inverses his stance and looks to clear short third but finds Naseem Shah who lunged forward to take a fabulous catch.

Shadab Khan continues

NZ 59/5 (11 Overs)

Abrar Ahmed to bowl his third

NZ 56/5 (10 Overs)

Shadab Khan into the attack

NZ 50/5 (9 Overs)

8.3: 73 km/h and Neesham couldn’t resist the temptation, went hard at it and found Shadab Khan at short midwicket who gobbled it down his throat.

8.1: Chapman goes full on middle, slogged away insolently but it goes straight into the hands of Saim Ayub at deep square who pouches it gleefully.

Abrar Ahmed continues

NZ 49/3 (8 Overs)

Iftikhar Ahmed replaces Amir

NZ 42/3 (7 Overs)

Abrar Ahmed to bowl his first over

NZ 35/3 (6 Overs)

5.4: Foxcroft tries to break the shackles but ends up losing his wicket, the bat is turned in his hand and Babar Azam takes a few steps back and reverses cupping it calmly into his hands.

Amir continues

NZ 29/2 (5 Overs)

Naseem Shah replaces Afridi

NZ 23/2 (4 Overs)

3.2: Pace-off length ball outside off and Robinson looks strained at the off-stump, pushing at it with minimal timing, came off the toe-end and it’s a regulation catch for Iftikhar Ahmed at short cover.

Mohammad Amir introduced to attack

NZ 21/1 (3 Overs)

2.1: Pitched on a length on an awkward off-stump line, Seifert hurriedly pushed at it and the ball popped up, Shadab hunted it down in a jiffy.

Shaheen Afridi continues

NZ 16/0 (2 Overs)

Naseem Shah to bowl the second over

NZ 5/0 (1 Over)

Tim Seifert and Tim Robinson came out to open the innings for New Zealand. Shaheen Afridi to bowl the first over.


RAWALPINDI: Pakistan have won the toss and opted to bowl first against New Zealand in the second T20I of the five-match series here at Pindi Cricket Stadium on Saturday.


Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Saim Ayub, Mohammad Rizwan, Usman Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Shadab Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Amir, Abrar Ahmed.

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New Zealand: Michael Bracewell (c), Mark Chapman, Jacob Duffy, Dean Foxcroft, Ben Lister, Cole McConchie, James Neesham, Tim Robinson, Ben Sears, Tim Seifert (wk), Ish Sodhi


Matches 40, Pakistan 21, New Zealand 17, NR 2

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