“Pakistan team needs to improve ODI cricket,” PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman, Ramiz Raja congratulated the Pakistan cricket team for their performance on the Bangladesh tour, also advised them to improve ODI cricket.

Talking about the team’s success, Ramiz shared the reason behind the consistent performance of the team.

“Leadership, in my opinion, is quite crucial. Giving the captain confidence has a good impact on the outcome. I gave full confidence to Babar Azam,” he added.

“The Pakistani team remained focused and prevailed. The last Test match demonstrated that everyone is on the same page and playing at a high level,” he concluded.

Ramiz, in a video statement, also set the target to beat Australia and South Africa in their home conditions.

“My main goal is to defeat Australia and South Africa in their respective countries. The quality of cricket cannot improve until the pitches improved,” he said.

PCB Chairman also welcomed the recently arrived West Indian team and ensured that Pakistan Super League will be held in a better way.

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