Shan fights out but England thrash Pakistan by 63 runs in third T20I

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PAK 158-8 (20 Overs)

Topley to bowl the final over

PAK 149-8 (19 Overs)

Wood comes to bowl his last

PAK 142-6 (18 Overs)

17.6: Lofted to mid-off, and that’s the end of Nawaz. Lovely flighted googly, dipping as he swung through the line, not dissimilar to Rashid’s first, as Brook swallows with ease.

Adil replaces Curran

PAK 133-5 (17 Overs)

Topley replaces Wood

PAK 127-5 (16 Overs)

Curran comes to bowl his last

PAK 115-5 (15 Overs)

Wood replaces Moeen

PAK 105-5 (14 Overs)

Curran comes back

PAK 98-5 (13 Overs)

Moeen continues

PAK 91-5 (12 Overs)

11.5: Skewed to long-off, and Brook swallows the offering! The googly makes the breakthrough, Khushdil was aiming over leg from the full length, but the ball bent off a leading edge.

Adil replaces Curran

PAK 86-4 (11 Overs)

Moeen replaces Adil

PAK 75-4 (10 Overs)

Curran comes back

PAK 60-4 (9 Overs)

Adil continues

PAK 46-4 (8 Overs)

Moeen Ali comes into the attack

PAK 35-4 (7 Overs)

Adil Rashid comes to bowl his first

PAK 29-4 (6 Overs)

5.3: Curran outdoes Iftikhar with the short ball. An interesting shot, trying to flat bat it away, gets a bottom edge and it scoops up to mid-off.

Sam Curran comes into the attack

PAK 24-3 (5 Overs)

4.1: A 151 kph shortish delivery, around off, Haider tries to pull but is hurried into the shot. Ends up mistiming it aerially towards square leg and Adil Rashid takes a fantastic catch, diving to his right.

Wood continues

PAK 21-2 (4 Overs)

3.6: Slower delivery from Topley, executing his variations to perfection. It goes through the batter and clatters into leg stump.

Topley continues

PAK 18-1 (3 Overs)

2.4: Flashed to third man, and it’s straight to third man. Babar Azam falls, and it’s Wood’s extra pace that does the trick. Babar’s slash carries all the way to Topley, who makes no mistake.

Mark Wood replaces Dawson

PAK 12-0 (2 Overs)

Reece Topley comes into the attack

PAK 6-0 (1 Over) 

Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam walk onto the crease to start the chase. Liam Dawson to open the attack for England.


England’s middle-order batters Harry Brook and Ben Duckett decimated Pakistan’s bowling attack with a half-century each and powered their side to a mammoth 221/3 in 20 overs.

ENG 221-3 (19 Overs)

Haris Rauf to bowl the final over

ENG 211-3 (19 Overs)

Dahani to bowl second last over

ENG 192-3 (18 Overs)

Hasnain to bowl his last over

ENG 178-3 (17 Overs)

Rauf back into attack

ENG 168-3 (16 Overs)

Dahani replaces Rauf

ENG 152-3 (15 Overs)

Hasnain back into attack

ENG 139-3 (14 Overs)

Rauf replaces Nawaz

ENG 128-3 (13 Overs)

Usman Qadir continues with his last

ENG 116-3 (12 Overs)

Nawaz to bowl his last over

ENG 104-3 (11 Overs)

Usman Qadir continues

ENG 89-3 (10 Overs)

Nawaz continues

ENG 84-3 (9 Overs)

8.3: Will Jacks caught out! It was a googly, so he was hitting with the turn, and Nawaz takes a good catch in the deep.

Usman Qadir continues

ENG 77-2 (8 Overs)

Nawaz replaces Dahani

ENG 71-2 (7 Overs)

6.2: Qadir gets rid of Malan. Googly, long hop, loose delivery, wicket!

Usman Qadir replaces Rauf

ENG 57-1 (6 Overs)

Dahani continues

ENG 45-1 (5 Overs)

Haris Rauf joins the attack

ENG 36-1 (4 Overs)

Dahani comes into attack

ENG 21-1 (3 Overs)

2.1: Salt Gone! Babar holds on to the catch. High pace, over 148.3kph, and Hasnain and Babar nearly collided into each other in pursuit.

Hasnain continues

ENG 18-0 (2 Overs)

Mohammad Nawaz to bowl from other end

ENG 7-0 (1 Over)

Phil Salt and Will Jack came out on crease to open for England. Mohammad Hasnain to open the attack


KARACHI: Pakistan won the toss and elected to field first against England in the third match of the historic T20I series.


Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan, Haider Ali, Shan Masood, Iftikhar Ahmed, Khushdil Shah, Mohammad Nawaz, Usman Qadir, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Hasnain, Shahnawaz Dahani

England: Moeen Ali (c), Phil Salt, Will Jacks, Dawid Malan, Ben Duckett, Harry Brook, Sam Curran, Liam Dawson, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood, Reece Topley


Matches-23, England-15, Pakistan-7, No Result-1