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PAK vs NZ 5th ODI: New Zealand consolation win deprive Pakistan of top ODI spot

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KARACHI: Henry Shipley starred with the ball after brilliant half-centuries from Tom Latham and Will Young as New Zealand came back roaring to deny Pakistan a clean sweep in the fifth PAK vs NZ ODI here at National Bank Cricket Arena.

PAK 252 (46.1 Overs)

Henry replaces Shipley

PAK 251/9 (46 Overs)

Ravindra replaces Sodhi

PAK 240/9 (45 Overs)

Shipley replaces Henry

PAK 230/9 (44 Overs)

Sodhi comes back

PAK 229/8 (43 Overs)

Henry replaces Milne

PAK 216/8 (42 Overs)

Ravindra replaces Sodhi

PAK 214/6 (41 Overs)

Milne continues

PAK 205/6 (40 Overs)

Sodhi replaces Ravindra

PAK 194/6 (39 Overs)

Milne returns, replaces Shipley

PAK 190/5 (38 Overs)

Ravindra continues

PAK 181/5 (37 Overs)

Shipley continues

PAK 173/5 (36 Overs)

Ravindra replaces Sodhi

PAK 165/5 (35 Overs)

Shipley replaces Henry

PAK 162/4 (34 Overs)

Sodhi continues for his eighth

PAK 156/4 (33 Overs)

Henry continues

PAK 146/4 (32 Overs)

Sodhi continues to bowl

PAK 143/4 (31 Overs)

Henry returns

PAK 135/4 (30 Overs)

Sodhi continues

PAK 123/4 (29 Overs)

Ravindra bowls again

PAK 117/4 (28 Overs)

Sodhi replaces Milne

PAK 110/4 (27 Overs)

Ravindra continues to bowl

PAK 100/4 (26 Overs)

Milne continues

PAK 98/4 (25 Overs)

Ravindra comes again

PAK 94/4 (24 Overs)

Milne returns

PAK 89/4 (23 Overs)

Ravindra continues to bowl

PAK 84/4 (22 Overs)

Cole McConchie comes on

PAK 77/4 (21 Overs)

Ravindra continues

PAK 69/4 (20 Overs)

Shipley to continue

PAK 67/4 (19 Overs)

18.3: Fakhar advances down the track and loses his shape while trying to cart that over midwicket, the ball spun just enough and he didn’t quite find the middle of the bat, Blundell makes no mistake in pouching this skier.

Rachin Ravindra into the attack now

PAK 65/3 (18 Overs)

Shipley continues from the other end

PAK 63/3 (17 Overs)

Sodhi continues

PAK 53/3 (16 Overs)

Shipley again

PAK 53/3 (15 Overs)

Sodhi continues to bowl

PAK 52/3 (14 Overs)

13.5: Shipley bowls on a length, skiddy and nips back a little, thuds on the pads and Rizwan walks off.

Shipley continues

PAK 51/2 (13 Overs)

Sodhi continues

PAK 44/2 (12 Overs)

Shipley replaces Henry

PAK 42/2 (11 Overs)

Ish Sodhi comes on

PAK 40/2 (10 Overs)

Henry continues

PAK 36/2 (9 Overs)

8.1: Babar opens the face of the blade and steers it down to McConchie who gobbles it up gleefully.

Henry Shipley comes into the attack

PAK 30/1 (8 Overs)

7.1: Dragged on! A casual waft across the line and Shan ends up making a mess of his stumps, he was trying to club that away into the covers, didn’t take account of the late seam movement and it was too close to his stumps as New Zealand draw first blood!

Henry continues from the other end

PAK 29/0 (7 Overs)

Milne comes again

PAK 20/0 (6 Overs)

Henry continues to bowl

PAK 12/0 (4 Overs)

Milne bowls

PAK 11/0 (4 Overs)

Henry continues

PAK 7/0 (3 Overs)

Milne continues

PAK 5/0 (2 Overs)

Matt Henry bowls from the other end

PAK 3/0 (1 Over)

Shan Masood and Fakhar Zaman come out to bat for Pakistan. Adam Milne to bowl the first over.


KARACHI: Opener Will Young and skipper Tom Latham hit excellent fifties before Pakistan bowlers made a comeback to restrict New Zealand to 299 in the final match of the PAK vs NZ ODI series here on Sunday.

NZ 299 (49.3 Overs)

Haris bowls the final over

NZ 297/8 (49 Overs)

Shaheen bowls his last

NZ 291/7 (48 Overs)

Haris continues

NZ 283/7 (47 Overs)

Shaheen comes again

NZ 279/6 (46 Overs)

Haris returns

NZ 268/6 (45 Overs)

Shaheen continues

NZ 258/5 (44 Overs)

Usama continues for his eighth

NZ 250/5 (43 Overs)

Shaheen returns

NZ 247/5 (42 Overs)

41.6: Dragged down outside off stump and Latham tries to muscle it over deep mid-wicket but does not quite get the meat he is after and sends it straight to Salman Ali Agha there.

Usama continues

NZ 237/4 (41 Overs)

Shadab bowls again

NZ 224/4 (40 Overs)

Usama returns

NZ 220/4 (39 Overs)

Shadab continues to bowl

NZ 214/4 (38 Overs)

Shaheen continues

NZ 214/4 (37 Overs)

36.6: Full delivery down the leg side. Chapman tries to help it fine but the ball clipped some part of the glove before lobbing towards Rizwan after hitting the pad.

Shadab continues

NZ 206/3 (36 Overs)

Shaheen returns

NZ 201/3 (35 Overs)

Shadab returns

NZ 195/3 (34 Overs)

Salman continues

NZ 173/3 (33 Overs)

Wasim Jr continues

NZ 168/3 (32 Overs)

Salman returns, replaces Shadab

NZ 162/3 (31 Overs)

Wasim Jr returns

NZ 158/3 (30 Overs)

29.2: Tossed up on a length outside off stump. The ball grips the surface and spins away sharply. Young gets a feather edge that is snaffled up by Rizwan!

Shadab continues

NZ 156/2 (29 Overs)

Haris to continue

NZ 151/2 (28 Overs)

Shadab replaces Salman

NZ 139/2 (27 Overs)

Haris returns

NZ 136/2 (26 Overs)

Salman continues to bowl

NZ 130/2 (25 Overs)

Shadab comes again

NZ 127/2 (24 Overs)

Salman continues

NZ 118/2 (23 Overs)

Shadab continues

NZ 108/2 (22 Overs)

Salman continues to bowl

NZ 103/2 (21 Overs)

Shadab Khan into the attack

NZ 95/2 (20 Overs)

Salman comes again

NZ 92/2 (19 Overs)

Usama again

NZ 88/2 (18 Overs)

Salman continues

NZ 83/2 (17 Overs)

16.6: Full delivery outside off stump. Nicholls looks to fetch it and paddle it fine. He gets a bottom edge that then pops up off the boot and nestles into Rizwan’s gloves.

Usama comes again

NZ 77/1 (16 Overs)

Salman into the attack now

NZ 73/1 (15 Overs)

Usama Mir continues

NZ 66/1 (14 Overs)

Wasim continues

NZ 62/1 (13 Overs)

Usama Mir continues

NZ 53/1 (12 Overs)

Wasim continues

NZ 47/1 (11 Overs)

Usama comes into the attack

NZ 42/1 (10 Overs)

Mohammad Wasim continues

NZ 42/1 (9 Overs)

Haris Rauf replaces Shaheen Shah

NZ 37/1 (8 Overs)

7.3: Wasim dismisses Blundell. Half-volley down the leg side and Blundell hit it straight down deep square leg’s throat.

Mohammad Wasim replaces Haris Rauf

NZ 32/0 (7 Overs)

Shaheen still in the attack

NZ 22/0 (6 Overs)

Haris bowls his third over of the spell

NZ 17/0 (5 Overs)

Shaheen continues

NZ 11/0 (4 Overs)

Haris continues

NZ 7/0 (3 Overs)

Shaheen continues the attack

NZ 6/0 (2 Overs)

Haris Rauf bowls from the other end

NZ 1/0 (1 Over)

Will Young and Tom Blundell come out to bat for New Zealand. Shaheen Afridi opens the attack for Pakistan


KARACHI: New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first against Pakistan in the final match of the PAK vs NZ ODI series here at Karachi’s National Bank Cricket Arena on Sunday. 


Pakistan: Shan Masood, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam (c), Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Iftikhar Ahmed, Shadab Khan, Agha Salman, Usama Mir, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Mohammad Wasim, Haris Rauf

New Zealand: Will Young, Tom Blundell (wk), Henry Nicholls, Tom Latham (c), Mark Chapman, Cole McConchie, Rachin Ravindra, Adam Milne, Henry Shipley, Ish Sodhi, Matt Henry

Matches 114, Pakistan 54, New Zealand 56, No Result 4

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