‘Not my thing’ Moeen opens up on Charlie Dean’s controversial run-out

LONDON: England all-rounder Moeen Ali shared his views on the controversial run-out of Charlie Dean, saying he will never do such dismissal and hoped that it should not become a regular occurrence in international cricket. 

A debate has been sparked in the cricketing circles ever since Indian women’s team bowler Deepti Sharma mankaded England’s Charlie Dean to complete the whitewash over the hosts.

Moeen in his latest interview with English news outlet The Telegraph, opined that although there was nothing illegal with such a dismissal, it was not his type of thing to do.

“No, it’s not my thing,” Moeen told. “I don’t think I’ll ever do it unless I was really angry with someone. It’s in the laws and there’s nothing illegal so people that do it have the right, but I just hope it doesn’t become a common thing or something that’s regularly done.”

England’s stand-in captain for the T20I series against Pakistan added: “You’re not really working to get a wicket. At least with a run-out, there’s a bit of work that has to be done, and with all the other dismissals. This is just waiting for the guy and taking the bails off. Even when I played cricket as a kid in the garden, it’s not my thing to do.”

The dismissal that Moeen was referring to is currently listed in the MCC’s ‘Unfair Play’ section of the laws.

Recently, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) also clarified its position on the Charlie Dean controversial run-out, stating that the onus remains on the non-striker to stay in the crease until they have seen the bowler release the ball.

Meanwhile, with the enforcement of the new playing conditions introduced by the International Cricket Council (ICC), the section in the laws will be moved to the ‘Run Out’ section from October 1.

England white-ball captain Jos Buttler also opined on the issue in his interview with London-based sports radio network, talkSPORT, saying he would’ve called the batsman back if faced with a similar situation.

“No one wants to see them in the game because they always create such a talking point when it should be about the battle between bat and ball and watching great games of cricket. They always seem to happen at unsavoury times,” he said.

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