‘There is no need of Drop-In pitches in Pakistan’ Javed Miandad

KARACHI: Former Test captain Javed Miandad thinks that there is no need of Drop-In pitches in Pakistan as the country has natural wickets. 

Speaking to media on the sidelines of a local event here on Saturday, Miandad shared his opinion on Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s chairman Ramiz Raja’s influence on introducing Drop-In pitches.

“I think there is no need of Drop-In pitches in Pakistan. If you know, Drop-In pitches were introduced by Kerry Pecker because he wasn’t given proper ground,” he said.

“Pakistan have proper grounds and wickets so why is there any need of Drop-In Pitches. I think PCB should rethink this and invest in our own wickets. Because on the same wickets, players like me and other greats played for years,” he added.

It must be noted here that PCB chairman announced to bring 2 Drop-In pitches worth 37 crores in Pakistan with the help of a sponsor. One pitch will be installed in Karachi and the other in Lahore.

According to Raja’s vision, these pitches will help Pakistani players’ preparations for playing Australian and New Zealand conditions.

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