‘Not even own a house despite winning medals for Pakistan’ Babar Masih

Karachi: Top Pakistan cueist Babar Masih has lamented over the lack of financial support from the government despite winning so many medals and championships for the country.

Babar, who hails from Rawalpindi, told ARY News that they are respected so much outside Pakistan and opponents have a fear of them while facing.

“We don’t have any identity in our own country after winnings so many medals. There has been no financial support from stakeholders,” he said.

Babar talked about India’s Pankaj Advani, who has earned crores and the world knows him. “Pankaj has earned 40-50 crores and I can’t explain their level. Our level is so low that we still travel on Rickshaws, lives in a rented house while they roam around in luxurious cars,” he added.

Babar revealed that he doesn’t own a house and I might get back to where I started if I don’t prize money from championships.

It must be noted that last month, Babar lost to Pankaj to manage silver medal in IBSF 6 Red World Cup.