No DRS in Qualifiers with two World Cup spots up for grab

Source: ICC

HARARE: The upcoming qualifiers for the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 will be played without the Decision Review System (DRS) in Zimbabwe in June-July, reported a renowned cricket website on Thursday.

According to ESPN Cricinfo, the upcoming qualifiers for the 50-over World Cup will be played without the DRS, while there will be a third umpire monitoring run-outs.

The absence of the DRS technology depicts the 2019 World Cup qualifiers, which were also held in Zimbabwe in 2018. However, the previous qualifiers also did not have a third umpire monitoring run-outs in the majority of the matches.

Meanwhile, this year’s qualifiers will have a third umpire for all the matches but there will be no other review tools, such as UltraEdge or ball-tracking,

The 10-team qualifying tournament for this year’s World Cup will take place in Zimbabwe from June 18 to July 9, featuring five teams who finished at the bottom of the World Cup Super League (Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, West Indies and one of Ireland or South Africa), top three teams from the ICC’s World Cup Cricket League 2 (Nepal, Oman and Scotland) and two teams from the Qualifier Playoff (USA and UAE) that was completed in Namibia this week.

The top two teams from the qualifying round will proceed to the ten-team bracket in this year’s World Cup.

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