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Pakistan shooter Mohsin Nawaz wins silver medal in European Long Range Championship

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BISLEY: National shooter Mohsin Nawaz has made Pakistan proud once again as he bagged a silver medal as an individual participant in the recently-held European Long Range Shooting Championship 2023.

Mohsin, who was the lone representative of Pakistan in the competition, competed against more than 300 participants from 16 countries, including world champions.

Mohsin has also reclaimed the 800-yard Bisley National Record with a stellar score of 75.13 V points.

Mohsin Nawaz has previously collected five medals in last year’s Bisley Long Range Shooting Competition.

He dominated the top three standings for the majority of the event with his remarkable performance and brilliant precision.

His brilliance earned him five medals in the competition – three gold and two silver – taking his overall international competitive shooting medals tally to seven.

Prior to that, Mohsin won gold in the NRA USA 600 meters, held in 2018.

Mohsin Nawaz was also awarded the prestigious Sports Lifetime Achievement Award for his stellar performances, in a glittering event held at Old Pindi Club, Rawalpindi earlier this year.

Mohsin Nawaz’s outstanding achievements as both an athlete and a sports psychologist earned him the Sports Lifetime Achievement Award, reserved for those who have dedicated their lives to their respective sports and made significant impacts.

As a long-range F Class shooter, Mohsin Nawaz has consistently displayed precision in competitions worldwide. His accuracy and prowess on the shooting range have earned him accolades.

Faisalabad’s Mohsin Nawaz achieved an incredible milestone in the world of International F-class shooting in April this year when he became the first Pakistani shooter to complete 400 shots in international matches, earning him the prestigious National Rifle Association (NRA) USA classification.

Mohsin completed these shots by participating in two International competitions, Rocky Mountain at Montana and NRA US Nationals.

The Pakistani shooter has also won multiple championships around the world and has made his country proud several times, not just internationally but also nationally.  He has won an incredible 25 medals on his home ground.

This achievement is a true testament to the skill, dedication, and hard work that Mohsin has put into his sport.

According to Nawaz, his goal is to discover and cultivate talent in Pakistan, particularly in the area of F-class long-range shooting. He aims to train students to compete in international championships and bring accolades to the country.

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