‘I like sharing dressing room with youngsters’ Afridi backs Kashmiri players

KARACHI: Pakistan’s former captain and legendary cricketer Shahid Afridi has stated that he likes working at the grass-root level where he can create considerable impact as he becomes the brand ambassador of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL).

Speaking on the occasion of the signing ceremony held today, Afridi claimed that he prefer to work on a level where he had the opportunity to train and polish the skills of young cricketers.

“I like working at the grass-root level where I can create a significant impact,” he said. ” I like sharing the dressing room with young cricketers where I can share my experience with them.”

He further expressed his sympathy for the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir over human rights violations claiming that he never demanded the annexation of the region to Pakistan.

“I never demanded Kashmir to become part of Pakistan, however, I always raise my voice over the oppression inflicted upon Kashmiri people,” he said.

He went on to claim that through this league he wanted to spread a message of peace and cheer the people of Kashmir.

“Political matters are up to the politicians. We just want to make the people of Kashmir happy by playing good cricket,” he concluded.

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