‘Have back up plans to host complete PSL 7 successfully’ PSL’s head

KARACHI: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s COO and Pakistan Super League (PSL)’s tournament director, Salman Naseer has assured that the league’s seventh edition will be completed successfully. 

Following the COVID-19 fears, PSL’s head was asked about their preparations to fight with another wave of the widely spread virus across the country.

“The situation of the COVID-19 is not good in the country right now and we know that. That’s why we are doing as many preparations as possible for successfully hosting the complete PSL 7,” Naseer shared.

“We also have a backup for a backup plan. Because, we are confident to host complete PSL this time around,” he added.

Naseer didn’t share many details but indicated having a different bio-secure environment for the event. “We have placed strict guidelines for the event. We not only have reserved players but also broadcasters in case of any COVID-19 emergency. Matches will go as scheduled if minimum of 13 players will be available. In case of more COVID-19 cases, the event will be postponed for a maximum of seven days,” Naseer said.

According to reports, the same international company, that managed the bio-secure bubble during PSL 6 in Abu Dhabi, will be handling the bio-secure arrangements this time too.

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