Cadiz dent Real Sociedad grip at third spot with a goalless draw

SAN SEBASTIAN: Real Sociedad fired dry in the goalless draw against Cadiz and were unable to consolidate the third spot in the La Liga standings.

After failing to secure three vital points against 14th-placed Cadiz, the Sociedad left room for Atletico Madrid to go past them in the latter’s next fixture.

The Basques had the upper hand in the dry contest but their tenacious opponents, three points above the relegation zone, hung on for a crucial point.

Consequently, the Sociedad, who held the third position since November, are in trouble of falling behind Atletico Madrid if they beat Sevilla on Saturday.

The hosts dominated possession at the Reale Arena, and Carlos Fernandez came close before the break with a shot that sailed narrowly wide.

Cadiz almost cut the deadlock when Roger Marti went around goalkeeper Alex Remiro but hit the post from a tight angle.

Both sides then settled for a goalless draw after an 11-minute stoppage time.

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