Barmy Army under heat for claiming Ashes a bigger rivalry than PAK-IND

KARACHI: England’s famous fan page Barmy Army was brutally trolled by Pakistan-India fans for posting a controversial tweet and compared the rivalry between both sides with the Ashes.

Cricket fever was on a high on Sunday as the two bitter rivals – India and Pakistan – came face to face again in a span of one week.

Pakistan clinched a five-wicket thrilling victory over India in the Super Fours of the ongoing Asia Cup 2022 to avenge their Group A defeat.

Earlier on August 28, India claimed an alike victory over Pakistan to start their Asia Cup on a high. The Group A match too went down to the wire before India sealed a thrilling five-wicket victory.

While many cricket enthusiasts and ex-players expressed their pleasure at the exciting matches between the two teams, England’s Barmy Army infuriated supporters on both sides by comparing the Pakistan-India rivalry with the Ashes.

Following the most-anticipated clash, England’s Barmy Army wrote, “Ashes > India vs Pakistan anyway,” a comment that enraged fans from both countries.


Here’s how India and Pakistan fans reacted to the tweet:

A Pakistan fan then took a hilarious dig at England’s Barmy Army and termed the Karachi-Lahore rivalry bigger than the Ashes.

A user replied to Barmy Army’s tweet and thanked the English fan page for uniting the Pakistan-India fans.

Former India cricketer Wasim Jaffer also slammed Barmy Army for the analogy. Referring to England’s humiliating 0-5 defeat in the Ashes.

“If I was an England fan, with the Ashes record Eng has, I’d downplay the Ashes if anything,” Jaffer wrote.

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