Babar’s cover drive related question added in 9th Grade Physics book

KARACHI: Pakistan all-format captain and top-ranked batter Babar Azam’s trademark shot – cover drive, has been added to the ninth-grade Physics Textbook.

Pakistan captain Babar, renowned for his magnificent cover drives, has once again been honoured for his signature stroke as a word problem in the ninth-grade federal board physics textbook dedicated to the right-handed batter’s cover drive.

Cricket fans are ecstatic as the image of the Babar’s cover drive-related word problem circulates on social media.

“It’s the first numerical in physics whom nobody hates,” a user wrote while sharing the picture of the word problem.


“New Syllabus and Physics Book. Babar Azam is everywhere. Waiting for his comeback,” another user wrote.

Babar is considered one of the most elegant batters in the cricketing world currently and has often been praised by legendary cricketers for playing the best cover drives.

Former England captain Nasser Hussain also praised Babar’s cover drives and said if he was teaching any young boy how to play cover drives, he would ask them to watch Babar play it.

“I’m going to be biased. Sorry Indian fans but I’m gonna go with Babar Azam. I nearly went Kohli because I think Kohli is slightly different. Kohli has a bit more of a flick of the wrist of it. Babar Azam has just a lovely little [touch],” Nasser stated.

It is pertinent to mention here that Babar is the only batter in the world currently to feature in the top five across all formats.

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