Thailand replace Philippines from the World Cup of Pool 2022

Source: Matchroom Pool

BRENTWOOD: Team Thailand have replaced Team Philippines in the forthcoming World Cup as the latter were forced to withdraw from the tournament following travelling issues.

Team Philippines, led by magician Efren Reyes and Carlo Biado, have suffered a huge setback after being forced to withdraw from the competition for which they had qualified after a three-year absence.

Replacing Team Philippines, the World Cup duo of Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and Noppon Saengkham will now represent Thailand in the World Cup.


Un-Nooh, a World Snooker Tour ranking winner, and Saengkham, who reached the Last 16 of this year’s World Snooker Championship will play South Africa while representing Thailand in the afternoon session on June 16.

It is pertinent to mention here that the World Cup of Pool 2022 comprising 32 nations will take place in London from June 14 to 19.

Revised Match Schedule

June 14 – Morning Session

Germany vs New Zealand
Chinese Taipei vs Argentina
Albania vs Italy

June 14 – Evening Session

USA vs Canada
Hungary vs Czech Republic
Spain vs Australia

June 15 – Morning Session

Poland vs Hong Kong, China
Greece vs Cyprus
Netherlands vs Morocco

June 15 – Evening Session

Great Britain A vs Great Britain B
Estonia vs Serbia
Austria vs Finland

June 16 – Morning Session

Thailand vs South Africa
Singapore vs Qatar
Kuwait vs Vietnam

June 16 – Evening Session

Japan vs Switzerland
2 x Round 2 matches

June 17 – Round 2 – both sessions
June 18 – Quarter-Finals – both sessions
June 19 – Semi-Finals
June 19 – Final