Nawaz’s career-best figures guide Pakistan to beat Windies by 120 runs

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Mohammad Nawaz shone with his career-best bowling figures after brilliant half-centuries from Babar Azam and Imam-ul-Haq to bolster the home side beat West Indies by a massive margin of 120 runs in the second ODI.

WI 155-10 (32.2 Overs)

Wasim Jr continues

WI 154-9 (32 Overs)

31.2: It was a length ball on off, spun back a touch to beat the defence of Walsh and rap him on the pads.

Shadab continues

WI 147-8 (31 Overs)

30.3: Length ball on off, nipped back in and skidded on beating Joseph’s defence.

Wasim Jr comes back into the attack

WI 144-7 (30 Overs)

Shadab continues

WI 142-7 (29 Overs)

Nawaz comes to bowl his second last over

WI 131-7 (28 Overs)

Shadab continues

WI 125-7 (27 Overs)

Nawaz continues

WI 124-7 (26 Overs)

Shadab continues

WI 122-7 (25 Overs)

Nawaz continues

WI 120-7 (24 Overs)

23.4: Leg-spinner, tossed up on middle, turns away as Shepherd misses the line and is rapped on the back pad.

Shadab continues

WI 119-6 (23 Overs)

22.4: Pooran plays for the spin, there isn’t any as he misses and finds his stumps in a mess.

22.2: Tossed up gently outside off, inviting Powell for the drive. He does not get to the pitch of it and can only get a thick edge to Rizwan.

Nawaz continues

WI 115-4 (22 Overs)

Shadab comes again

WI 105-4 (21 Overs)

Nawaz continues

WI 102-4 (20 Overs)

Haris continues

WI 102-4 (19 Overs)

Nawaz continues

WI 101-3 (18 Overs)

Haris comes back into the attack…

WI 95-3 (17 Overs)

Nawaz continues after Drink Break

WI 92-3 (16 Overs)

Shadab continues

WI 82-3 (15 Overs)

Nawaz continues

WI 81-3 (14 Overs)

Shadab continues

WI 77-3 (13 Overs)

Nawaz continues

WI 75-3 (12 Overs)

Shadab comes into the attack

WI 72-3 (11 Overs)

10.4: Nawaz flights it up, gets it to rip past the batter and hit top of off. Pitches it on the middle stump, and causes King to reach for it. But the ball sneaks past his outside edge and the bails light up.

Nawaz comes into the attack

WI 71-2 (10 Overs)

9.6: Mayers was looking to belt everything across the line. Tries yet again to the back of a length delivery, misses and finds his stumps in a mess. Important strike for Pakistan.

Wasim Jr continues

WI 59-1 (9 Overs)

Haris comes again

WI 54-1 (8 Overs)

Wasim Jr continues

WI 44-1 (7 Overs)

Shaheen continues to bowl his fourth

WI 33-0 (6 Overs)

Wasim Jr replaces Haris

WI 25-1 (5 Overs)

Shaheen continues

WI 25-1 (4 Overs)

Haris continues from the other end

WI 12-1 (3 Overs)

Shaheen continues

WI 10-1 (2 Overs)

Haris to bowl from the other end

WI 4-1 (1 Over)

0.6: Shaheen angles this one away from Hope, who does not transfer his weight onto his front foot. Ends up spooning a simple catch to Fakhar at cover.

Shai Hope and Kyle Mayers come out for the run chase, Shaheen Shah Afridi to bowl the first over.


Babar Azam and Imam-ul-Haq led the way with half-centuries before the tail-enders chipped in to avoid Pakistan from the collapse and bolstered the home side to score 275-8 in the allotted 50 overs.

PAK 275-8 (50 Overs)

Shepherd to bowl the last over

PAK 260-8 (49 Overs)

Phillip continues

PAK 248-7 (48 Overs)

Joseph comes to bowl

PAK 242-7 (47 Overs)

Phillip comes again

PAK 236-7 (46 Overs)

Walsh continues

PAK 234-7 (45 Overs)

44.2: Short one outside off, Shadab looks to pull this but is late on it, the ball passes close to the bat and there’s a clear spike with the ball next to the bat. The decision stands.

Joseph continues

PAK 229-6 (44 Overs)

Walsh comes to bowl

PAK 227-6 (43 Overs)

Joseph comes back into the attack

PAK 222-6 (42 Overs)

Hosein continues

PAK 214-6 (41 Overs)

Walsh comes back

PAK 208-6 (40 Overs)

39.1: Soft dismissal. It was an innocuous delivery on the pads, but Nawaz tried to tickle it straight to the fielder stationed at leg slip.

Hosein continues

PAK 207-5 (39 Overs)

Phillip replaces Joseph

PAK 203-5 (38 Overs)

37.1: It was full outside leg, got appreciable turn from there as Rizwan missed the sweep and Hosein cleans him up.

Hosein continues

PAK 194-4 (37 Overs)

36.5: Back of a length and angled in, he was in half a mind to leave it or ramp it, the ball kept following him and took the edge as Hope accepted it gleefully. Wickets in quick succession for West Indies here

Joseph continues

PAK 193-3 (36 Overs)

35.3: Full on middle, Babar looked to play leg side and turned the face early, there was a hint of turn inducing the leading edge, the return catch safely pouched by Akeal Hosein.

Hosein continues

PAK 186-2 (35 Overs)

Joseph replaces Walsh

PAK 180-2 (34 Overs)

Hosein continues

PAK 174-2 (33 Overs)

Walsh continues

PAK 162-2 (32 Overs)

Hosein continues from the other end

PAK 157-2 (31 Overs)

Walsh continues

PAK 151-2 (30 Overs)

Hosein continues

PAK 149-2 (29 Overs)

Walsh continues

PAK 145-2 (28 Overs)

Hosein continues

27.5: Imam took off with the shot but the ball hadn’t passed the diving fielder, Imam kept running even as Babar stood his ground with his back to Imam. Imam was too far down as the throw came into the wicket-keeper who calmly took off the bails. Big wicket against the run of play

PAK 142-1 (27 Overs)

Walsh replaces Joseph

PAK 133-1 (26 Overs)

Hosein continues

PAK 128-1 (25 Overs)

Philip replaces Joseph

PAK 118-1 (24 Overs)

Akeal Hosein comes into the attack

PAK 112-1 (23 Overs)

Joseph continues

PAK 110-1 (22 Overs)

Walsh continues

PAK 100-1 (21 Overs)

Joseph replaces Powell

PAK 96-1 (20 Overs)

Walsh continues

PAK 94-1 (19 Overs)

Powell continues

PAK 88-1 (18 Overs)

Walsh come from over the wicket

PAK 79-1 (17 Overs)

Powell continues

PAK 73-1 (16 Overs)

Mayers comes back

PAK 64-1 (15 Overs)

Powell continues

PAK 57-1 (14 Overs)

Shepherd continues

PAK 54-1 (13 Overs)

Powell comes into the attack

PAK 49-1 (12 Overs)

Shepherd continues

PAK 49-1 (11 Overs)

Phillip continues

PAK 45-1 (10 Overs)

Shepherd comes back

PAK 38-1 (9 Overs)

Phillip continues

PAK 31/1 (8 Overs)

Joseph comes back into the attack

PAK 29-1 (7 Overs)

Phillip continues

PAK 25-0 (6 Overs)

Shepherd replaces Mayers

PAK 22-0 (5 Overs)

Phillip replaces Joseph

PAK 19-0 (4 Overs)

Mayers continues

PAK 10-0 (3 Overs)

Joseph continues

PAK 7-0 (2 Overs)

Mayers to bowl from the other end

PAK 0-0 (1 Over)

Fakhar and Imam came out to bat for Pakistan, Joseph to lead the bowling attack for the West Indies.


Pakistan have won the toss and elected to bat first in the second ODI against West Indies, here at Multan Cricket Stadium.

Playing Xls

Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Shadab Khan(vc), Imam-ul-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Mohammad Haris, Khushdil Shah, Mohammad Nawaz, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Muhammad Wasim Jr.

West Indies: Nicholas Pooran(c), Shai Hope (wk), Shamarh Brooks, Brandon King, Kyle Mayers, Rovman Powell, Akeal Hosein, Alzarri Joseph, Anderson Phillip, Hayden Walsh, Romario Shepherd